Melbourne and the curious case of event venues !

Australia, the country known for its beautiful landscapes and exotic animals is one of the most dreamt of countries to visit. In addition to the breathtaking sunshine, the country also boasts of many multinational companies and foreign visitors thereby aiding to the revenue growth of the country.

Why To Choose Melbourne?

Thinking of an award night or a conference or a community gathering? Then think about Melbourne.
Melbourne is one of the biggest cities in the country that is being opted for organizing many events ranging from small parties to corporate dinners. Here is the list of some of the top-rated venues that most of them prefer to conduct any events.


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The Most Sought Out Event Venues in Melbourne

1. Backlot Studios:

Want to get rid of the busy city life? Backlot Studios is the ideal place which is in a calm place in South Melbourne. It is a place for small function and private cinema that offers luxurious seating for 90-100 people. This private cinema space is not only used for featured films, but is also being used for other sports and video gaming events.

2. Art Series Hotel Penthouses:

Thought of having a penthouse party? Art Series Hotel Penthouses, Prahran offers the best venue for penthouse party in the town, having adjoining rooms for an extra space. It can accommodate up to 300 people offering the most exotic view of the city from the sky.

3. The Kelvin Club:

This historic club which is one of the most sought out function space in Melbourne CBD is ideal for hosting various live music performances (puff daddy). Once a men’s club that was established 150 years ago, it still preserves the vintage touch and feel. It offers function space that can fit 200 people.

4. The Pop Up Patch:

Party time

Surrounded with plush greenery and delicious food, the Pop Up Patch is a completely edible garden that is located in Melbourne CBD. It offers fantastic view of the Melbourne skyline along with function spaces for various events and has flexible spaces for 200 people.

5. Luna Park:

Looking for fun and amusement? There is nothing else other than Luna Pak in Melbourne that can offer you the ideal recipe of fun and vigor. No doubt that Luna Park being an unforgettable place filled with many attraction and rides, it also offers function spaces to launch many events that can fit up to 550 people. Its a perfect go to place for family entertainment.

6. Meat Market:

Meat Market, once a grand heritage site that was built in 1880, features heritage buildings loaded with history and characters. Being a huge place, it is ideal for hosting large events that can accommodate up to 500 people.

Thus, Melbourne, the city filled with bustling restaurants and hidden gems, has always been in the prime list for every event planner. No matter the event being big or small, traditional or modern, the venues in Melbourne are indeed eye-catching. All you need to check is just the right time to plan the event.


How To Make Your Party Dream Come True

Just recently we held our 25th-anniversary party at the farm. This all started with a lot of trepidation on our part as to how successful holding a full-on party would be, as opposed to just us celebrating our 25 years together. It took us about a month to talk to our friends and relatives about a wide range of things such as the theme, the food and even the kind of crockery and cutlery we were going to use to make an actual decision to go ahead and hold a party for a large number of people. Although, the biggest thing we found out from talking to everybody was that they were really impressed with the idea that we made it to 25 years as opposed to anything really useful in terms of holding the party. It’s not that they expected us to fall short, but in this day, anything that lasts for 25 years turns out to be impressive.

How We Planned It

We have space, but unless everyone was going to be sitting on the grass and enjoy, we really did not have the necessary equipment to hold a party. It was around this time when we started doing our research. We were glad we had given ourselves at least four months to organise this event. Initially, just the sheer amount of tables and chairs we needed to seat up to 200 people completely took us by surprise. After that, of course, we had to keep everyone dry if it was to rain, which made us add marquees to the list, for which there was a myriad of options. For example, the first thing we were concerned about was whether we were going to go for giant marquees that could seat up to 50 people each or smaller and more intimate marquees for each group.

Image of white coloured marquees

We decided that the smaller marquees would not be a good idea as that would allow each separate little group to stay separate and not mix in with the others, which would make us wind up with half a dozen little parties within the main party. We also planned on having themed decorations on the tables. The dining tables were going to be six seater rectangles with Rubik’s cube print covers, appropriate for the 80’s. We found some old posters of pop stars and movie stars of the era, which we were going to hang all around the place. All the plates and cutlery were going to be loud and bold colours to fit into the theme. The bar was actually going to be a mate’s bar from his man cave which also looked like an old pub bar from an 80’s hotel.

Image of some party food

We were also going to have food straight from the 80’s. We were going to have coloured deviled eggs, cheese cubes on a stick, hot chips covered in tomato sauce and a meat platter guaranteed to raise everyone’s cholesterol levels. The main course was going to be my speciality; Lechon on a spit with salad which everyone would have wanted. Dessert would have been the classic, jelly and ice cream. It surprised me that some of the kids had never even seen this wonder food.

Change of Decision

Although initially, we decided that we could do it, less than a month later we decided we really didn’t want to do it as it was turning into a total nightmare. But then there was a suggestion that saved the whole idea, which surfaced of the blue. A good friend suggested that we hire a party planner. We knew that hiring a professional party planner would make it slightly more expensive. But on the other hand, it was just a couple of thousand dollars added onto an already $30,000+ bill. Furthermore, it would also take all the pressure completely off us and actually allow us to enjoy ourselves during the whole process.

Image of consumer reviews

We went and talked to a local party planner. Search it – there is quite a few around. But do yourself a big favour and check out the recommendations and reviews and hire the best one you can. I know ours was excellent, did a thoroughly professional job and made our whole dream come true.

The first thing our party planner asked us was, “what is the theme of the party?”, I must admit I didn’t have a clue what the hell she meant. To me, a party is a party. But she quickly explained herself. I have to agree the idea sounded good and in the end turned out even better. We decided to theme our party on the 1980s which was the decade in which we met. Now here is where the party planner’s expertise really comes into play. She knew where to hire all of the equipment we needed to make a 1980s theme party. We would have spent weeks even trying to figure it all out. But she knew all the answers from the beginning.

My Recommendation

With virtually no input from us except the funding, our party planner organised, booked, got it all setup and then came and ran it on the day to perfection. Now I know, that she ran into some problems along the way. But with her level of expertise, she solved them easily. You could hire all of the equipment that she did for us without her help. We know that. But having one person in total control of the event is something I would suggest that everyone does. Even if you don’t hire a professional, at least appoint a dictator to run your party. It works.