How To Make Your Party Dream Come True

Just recently we held our 25th-anniversary party at the farm. This all started with a lot of trepidation on our part as to how successful holding a full-on party would be, as opposed to just us celebrating our 25 years together. It took us about a month to talk to our friends and relatives about a wide range of things such as the theme, the food and even the kind of crockery and cutlery we were going to use to make an actual decision to go ahead and hold a party for a large number of people. Although, the biggest thing we found out from talking to everybody was that they were really impressed with the idea that we made it to 25 years as opposed to anything really useful in terms of holding the party. It’s not that they expected us to fall short, but in this day, anything that lasts for 25 years turns out to be impressive.

How We Planned It

We have space, but unless everyone was going to be sitting on the grass and enjoy, we really did not have the necessary equipment to hold a party. It was around this time when we started doing our research. We were glad we had given ourselves at least four months to organise this event. Initially, just the sheer amount of tables and chairs we needed to seat up to 200 people completely took us by surprise. After that, of course, we had to keep everyone dry if it was to rain, which made us add marquees to the list, for which there was a myriad of options. For example, the first thing we were concerned about was whether we were going to go for giant marquees that could seat up to 50 people each or smaller and more intimate marquees for each group.

Image of white coloured marquees

We decided that the smaller marquees would not be a good idea as that would allow each separate little group to stay separate and not mix in with the others, which would make us wind up with half a dozen little parties within the main party. We also planned on having themed decorations on the tables. The dining tables were going to be six seater rectangles with Rubik’s cube print covers, appropriate for the 80’s. We found some old posters of pop stars and movie stars of the era, which we were going to hang all around the place. All the plates and cutlery were going to be loud and bold colours to fit into the theme. The bar was actually going to be a mate’s bar from his man cave which also looked like an old pub bar from an 80’s hotel.

Image of some party food

We were also going to have food straight from the 80’s. We were going to have coloured deviled eggs, cheese cubes on a stick, hot chips covered in tomato sauce and a meat platter guaranteed to raise everyone’s cholesterol levels. The main course was going to be my speciality; Lechon on a spit with salad which everyone would have wanted. Dessert would have been the classic, jelly and ice cream. It surprised me that some of the kids had never even seen this wonder food.

Change of Decision

Although initially, we decided that we could do it, less than a month later we decided we really didn’t want to do it as it was turning into a total nightmare. But then there was a suggestion that saved the whole idea, which surfaced of the blue. A good friend suggested that we hire a party planner. We knew that hiring a professional party planner would make it slightly more expensive. But on the other hand, it was just a couple of thousand dollars added onto an already $30,000+ bill. Furthermore, it would also take all the pressure completely off us and actually allow us to enjoy ourselves during the whole process.

Image of consumer reviews

We went and talked to a local party planner. Search it – there is quite a few around. But do yourself a big favour and check out the recommendations and reviews and hire the best one you can. I know ours was excellent, did a thoroughly professional job and made our whole dream come true.

The first thing our party planner asked us was, “what is the theme of the party?”, I must admit I didn’t have a clue what the hell she meant. To me, a party is a party. But she quickly explained herself. I have to agree the idea sounded good and in the end turned out even better. We decided to theme our party on the 1980s which was the decade in which we met. Now here is where the party planner’s expertise really comes into play. She knew where to hire all of the equipment we needed to make a 1980s theme party. We would have spent weeks even trying to figure it all out. But she knew all the answers from the beginning.

My Recommendation

With virtually no input from us except the funding, our party planner organised, booked, got it all setup and then came and ran it on the day to perfection. Now I know, that she ran into some problems along the way. But with her level of expertise, she solved them easily. You could hire all of the equipment that she did for us without her help. We know that. But having one person in total control of the event is something I would suggest that everyone does. Even if you don’t hire a professional, at least appoint a dictator to run your party. It works.

How Marriage Counselling from a Psychologist Could Save Marriage

Marriage Counselling Services
It is a fact that the rate of couples agreeing to get married have started to decrease while according to a statistics, 50% of couples are more likely to get divorced during their first marriage. This statistics has not changed for over three decades. Different factors affect why partners divorce such as religious belief and their level of education. Some couples would resort to divorce right away as they consider it as the best choice for the both of them while there are those that believed that they could save their marriage by solving their differences. Hence, this is when marriage counselling services comes into the picture.

Reasons why couples need to partake in marriage counselling from a Psychologist

In a rocky marriage, the most common challenge for partners is that they do not have an idea when exactly is the right time to seek for counselling. If you belong either in one of following situations, then it is time to find a psychologist to help you salvage your union.

No open communication between the husband and wife:

Once you felt that your level of communication has deteriorated, it would be hard to start over again. It is what they termed as negative communication. Once you speak to your spouse, and you feel depressed, disregarded or want to stop the conversation right away then it is a red flag for your marriage. Keep in mind that the words are not the most hurtful but on how a person says it can affect the way a conversation is going. It could also lead to your partner saying something that might hurt you or scar you for life.

You or your spouse thinks of having a third party or is currently involved in an affair :

Many marriages have recovered even after an extramarital affair, but it is not an easy process. It needs both the husband and wife to make a lot of efforts. The couple should not only be willing to forgive, but they should also be committed to the resolution of their marriage and forget the past so they can move on to the future. One method may not be useful for all couples thus it is important that the partners are willing to undergo therapy for saving their marriage.

Partners are acting like roommates:

You may be living under one roof with your spouse, but it does not mean that you are interacting like married couples. There are those that are more like roommates. It might not indicate a troubled marriage, but a professional psychologist will be able to help them to find out what is lacking from their marriage and help them on their way back to achieving the intimacy they once have.

Both husband and wife are on a dead end on how to solve the conflicts between them:

There is no perfect marriage. So both parties need to make big efforts to sustain their marriages. If the couple has a hard time in solving things on their own, it is not a shameful thing to be asking for help from someone who is a professional in the field.

Less than 5% are undergoing professional marriage counselling before they decide to part ways

Once you have chosen to give marriage counselling a chance, you will be able to reap the benefits afterwards. While it does not guarantee that it can save your marriage, at the very least, it will help you know that moving on is the best option. According to research, not even 5% of divorcing partners are out to seek marriage counselling before deciding to finalise the divorce. Seeking help is necessary, so you will be able to earn the right to leave the marriage if that is the case. Divorce should not be the first consideration unless the couple has exhausted every chance of saving the marriage. They should be able to look their partner in the eyes and say that they have tried everything before coming to a conclusion of divorce. Many couples that have divorced have not even sought to counsel professionals before deciding to go their separate ways. It is also important that couples should go to counselling on the early stage of marriage. According to a professional psychologist, Dr Gottman, majority of the couples are waiting for an average of six years before trying for marital counselling. Six years is a long time to be living with someone you are no longer happy with or having trouble with every single day. Thus, it is important to seek professionals help as early as possible to avoid further distancing from your partner.

Benefits offered to couples after they have undergone professional help from a Psychologist

Marriage Counselling Services

  • Improve communication with your partner
  • Learn how to argue in a healthier manner
  • Find out how to resolve your differences and future problems in a more productive setting.
  • Learn to express the right emotions and be able to disclose painful ones with the prospect of resolution.
  • Know how to tell your partner about your needs and be open to everything that is going on in the relationship.
  • Be able to solve issues that might attack your marriage in the future.
  • Learn how to compromise so that you may accept any changes that might occur in the relationship


Skills that couples can learn from marriage counselling

Aside from the benefits, you and your partner will also be able to learn a few skills while seeking professional help. You will be able to understand your spouse’s world and vice versa. It means getting to know more about their wishes, their goals in life, what makes them happy, their dreams and even their everyday worries. You will also get to know the love language that your spouse uses. Meet their needs according to what they want and not what you want. Lastly, it is important to master the skill of repairing a conflict. Married life is not always sunshine and rainbows. There will be conflicts along the way, and it is important to learn how to resolve them to have a peaceful and long lasting married life.